time for a six pack

Just learned that Sodo’s Gastropod, one of my favorite places to eat food and drink beer, is closing in about a month.

Let us get together and run over there for a drink then!

Why in the hell would we want to do a fool thing like that, you may ask.

Because it’s there, goddammit.

And because they have delicious, nay FUCKING delicious, food like roasted shoshito peppers and peanut butter and jelly (yes, peanut butter and fucking jelly) and chili butter and craft brews inspired by malt liquor and margaritas and chocolate covered dried fruit.  And geoducks and snails.  Sound pretentious?  Fuck no, it’s fucking good is what it is.  Am I a fucking hipster?  Fuck you man.  I’m from Podunk MS and I don’t give a shit.  I’m a urban hog* and I like it.  Seriously, peanut butter and fucking jelly never tasted so damn good.  I mean, the peppers were good enough on their own.  Add a little pb&j?  And some chili butter?  Holy shit man.  Makes me wanta fight somebody just for the chance to taste some more.  Makes me wanta go wake up my wife just so I can give her a high five.  Fucking a man.  It’s that good.

And why in the hell run there?  When there are countless other modes that are perhaps less strenuous and sweat-inducing?  Cause it’s what we were born to do man, just like the good book says.  Run around till you see a beer and chase it until it fills your belly with calories and goodness.  Something like that.  It made our brains grow and our senses develop and the next thing you know there was cities and dynamite and milking cows and and horses with shoes and cowboys and indians and crossbows.  And then cars and coke and Richard Simmons and facebook and google glass.  Come on folks, let’s get our noses out of our phones and get back to our roots.  Let’s run down a beer.  Or six.  I know I’m gonna.

First it’s off to Montana where I’m gonna go run around the mountains a bit.  But when I get back, I’m going on a six pack fun run.  Hitting up 6 breweries on the run, finishing with Gastropod.  Hopefully I’ll have some company, if not on foot then at the bar.

For now though, I’m gonna go have a few spoonfuls of cookie dough and go to bed.

*or, as my brother likes to say, a human vacuum cleaner.



472 days and counting

little guy’s first 10k, june 5 ’14

Can’t believe we got a little guy who’s becoming a little guy.  Stuffing blueberries in his little chipmunk mouth by the handful, banging on things for the sheer fun of it, quacking like a duck for every animal except for dogs which have recently started howling, dancing for the sheer fun of it, walking like a fool, running like a fool, smiling, waving, pointing, crawling up steps, collecting sticks and cigarette butts, crawling off of ramps, eating rocks and dirt and all things dirty, throwing food items off of table, rolling r’s better than a reporter on NPR, coming up with his very own very special language where wanting milk is daluk daluk and sometimes galuk galuk and hand gestures always play an important part, learning, changing every day.  Ah man, pretty soon he’s gonna be smarter than me.  I just hope he keeps letting me play with him.


captain kid, july 23 ’15



Running = Funning!!!

I’ve been thinking about fun runs lately.

Personally I find running pretty fun in general, and there are all kinds of things to do on a regular old run to make it even more fun.

Run by a playground — monkey on the monkey bars, slide down the slide, zip down the zipline, swing across the swinging bridge.

thanks to the google i just discovered there’s a whole backyard zipline thing going on. we need a bigger backyard hun.

Run by the woods — run through the woods.  (If you look hard enough and the woods are big enough, you’re bound to find a trail, official or not.  Just look out for homeless camps.  And be respectful of them woods too.  The forest looks tough, but the trees and the ground can be surprisingly easy to upset.)


harness your inner spirit animal!

Run by the lake — hop in the lake.  Especially when it’s hot as it’s been here.

the clothing’s optional — the fun isn’t!!!

Feel like a beer — run to the bar.  Feel like 6 beers — run to six bars.  Better yet, 6 breweries.  And then some.  Why not 6.2?

must have…beeeer

Feel like a book — run to the library.  Or a little free one.  Or 13.  And then some.  Heck, make it 13.1.

books in the woods!

Feel like bowling — run to the bowling alley.  That’s likely an ultra, seeing as how bowling alleys are few and far between these days.  Our neighborhood alley shut down just a few weeks ago.  Now the closest one’s about a 10k away.  Sounds like a fun run to me!

yeahhhh!!! white people!

These are just a few of the fun runs I been thinking about lately.  Feel free to share if you have any other ideas for adding fun to the run.  And if any of these diversionary tactics sound fun to you then hit me up and let’s make it happen.  The more the merrier!

WE’VE GOT VIDEOS!!! – “Language”

this week’s video has nothing to do with running.

this week’s video is all literate and shit.

“language” – audio and words by stephen fry, animation by matt rogers

words to live by.


if you get what somebody’s saying, you get it. don’t be a dick.

if you don’t like how they’re saying it, well, get over it, move on.

if things are unclear, find clarification.

if you don’t like what they’re saying, well, that’s altogether different. do what you like. just don’t be a dick.

in general, just don’t be a dick.


*i can’t say i’ve always felt this way, or even that i always feel this way now, frankly. but i do feel better when i’m able to well, get over it, move on.

it’s funny. i get old. i see things that make me feel old. like what they call music these days. like the way the young folk wear their hair these days. and them pants that be saggin. i guess i’ve always been an old soul. that stuff has always pissed me off. well now that i am a cranky old man for real and i can reflect on that a little, and see that it’s all just people being themselves, and i don’t have to like them but i can like how they’re able to be themselves, i can be a little less cranky. just a little. and that feels good.

WE’VE GOT VIDEOS!!! – “Barefoot Running Club”

there’s lots of videos out there in the cyber space. i’m gonna post one a week.

for your viewing pleasure this week: “Barefoot Running Club” by some folks that go by the name of Get to the Chopper on the youtube (hopefully they don’t mind me posting this here).

there’s lots of videos out there in the cyber space trying to be funny. this one succeeds.

these guys get a little excited on their morning runs.

there’s a little profanity and whatnot included.